Thick Wall/Flanged and Fluid Type



· Wide range of sizes
· Wide range of convolution height
· Single layer with thick wall
· Wide usage range of materials : CS, SS and Nickel alloys

Types of Movement

· Axial compression or extension


Thick wall expansion joints are characterized by a high convolution profile and thick ply construction. These expansion joints are available in one or more convolutions in a wide range of dimensions, materials and shapes. Thick wall expansion bellows are made from single thick ply usually starting from 4mm up to 13mm.

Flanged and fluid expansion joints are a specific case of the thick wall expansion joints, which are welded in two halves of flat annular plates. Flanged and fluid expansion joints are designed as per the requirements of ASME B&PV CodeSec. VIII Div-1 Appendix 5. And code stresses, fatigue life and spring rates are calculated as per the requirements of ASME B&PV Code Sec. VIII Div-1 Appendix 26 and EJMA.

The benefit of thicker wall is the use of carbon steel material which is rarely used on thinner bellows instead of stainless steel or nickel alloys.

The most common application for thicker wall/flanged and fluid expansion joints is heat exchangers and large diameter piping systems.