• Modern, sleek exterior design
  • Meets all applicable parts of ANSI/AWWA C502 Standard
  • Post type dry barrel design
  • Dry top design with O-ring sealed oil reservoir
  • Traffic feature with stainless steel safety stem coupling
  • Compression type main valve closes with pressure for positive seal; it is made of rubber and is conveniently reversible providing a spare for long service life
  • Operating nut available in wide variety of shapes and sizes

The advanced design of the Mueller® Modern Centurion Fire Hydrant goes much deeper than its sleek, contemporary external appearance. Inside, the Modern Centurion Hydrant shares many of the same components and performance features with our traditionally styled Centurion Hydrants. Its computer-aided design has smooth transitions and long radius contours to keep turbulence to a minimum, even at high flow rates. The patented Mueller design pays off under actual operating conditions, with minimum pressure loss and excellent flow to the pumper and hose nozzles. It complies fully with AWWA Standard C502 and is well below the limits for pressure loss at all flow rates.