Fabric Expansion Joint


· Absorb thermal movements
· Noise and vibration elimination
· Large movements in a short length
· Lightweight
· Corrosion resistance
· Low material cost
· Low shipping and installation cost
· Little space and ease of installation
· No gasket required
· Low reactive forces


Fabric expansion joints are flexible connectors designed to accommodate thermal expansion and vibration caused by temperature, media and/or pressure changes in piping and ducting systems.

Fabric expansion joints are fabricated from wide range of non-metallic materials such as EPDM, synthetic elastomer, fabrics, fluoroplastics etc. depending on the applicants. Fabric expansion joints are manufactured based on customer demands and requirements.

Two basic forms of construction are depending on the number of layers in the expansion joint i.e., single layer and multi-layer construction.

Single layer construction & Multi-layer construction

There are three types of clamping configurations that is a belt type, flanged and combination type expansion joint.

  1. Belt Type
  2. Flanged Type
  3. Expansion Joint