ChemLogic Portable Gas Detector / CLPX(Portable)

ChemLogic Portable Gas Detector / CLPX(Portable)


  • Operating Voltage- 6V DC
  • Operating temperature – (4-35) degree Celcius
  • Data logging – 2 GB Micro SD Card
  • Improved Optics Design : Provides low level gas detection in seconds
  • Immediate Alert Indicator Bar : Immediate Indication that gas is present
  • Automated Calibration : Eliminates the need for optical calibration
  • Built in Data Logging : Micro SD card can record up to 5 years of data
  • Real Time Clock w/Date Stamp : Accurate recording of data
  • SW Selectable Calibration Curves : All gas calibrations are user selectable(no gases is needed) system is flexible to meet your gas detection requirements
  • Extended Battery Life : Up to 12 hours of continuous monitoring
  • Built in STEL : Unit constantly calculates for a rolling 15 minute STEL
  • 2 Alarm Levels : User selectable alarm levels
  • Purged Cassette : Insures colorimetric media will not be contaminated by ambient gas