Inventors Contact

Inventors Contact

Tactix®, we actively seek outside resources to help us bring innovation to the tool market. Some of our best ideas come from inven tors like you. Here are some examples of innovation that we have brought to market with the help of outside resources.

Learn About Our Process

Tactix has a cross functional team dedicated to executing inventor ideas in the marketplace. The process begins with your idea sub mission and proceeds to our team for evaluation. We meet monthly to evaluate all new submissions. If your idea is compatible with our product roadmap and strategic vision, we will approve the project for further resourcing. This includes design and prototyping, Voice of the Customer research, product performance testing, intellectual property evaluation, and manufacturability studies. Upon favorable results, we will then develop a licensing arrangement with you to compensate you for your idea. This process varies in duration based upon the idea, but it is possible to complete the Idea to Execution process in less than 12 months. Some of our inventors submit multiple ideas, we look forward to receiving yours!

Submit Your Idea

We thank you for the submission and appreciate your interest in our company. We have a commitment to deliver innovation to our customers and look forward to reviewing your idea.